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Jack Teitel: Convicted on 2 Counts of Murder

Jack Teitel: Convicted on 2 Counts of Murder

An Israeli man, born in the US, has been convicted of the murder of two Palestinian men in 1997.

Jack Teitel, formerly of West Bank Jewish settlement in Shvut Rachel near Jerusalem, murdered Samir Akram and an unnamed Palestinian shepherd. Teitel is also convicted of a further two counts of attempted murder, assault with intent, and incitement of violence in the years between 1997 and 2008.Following Teitel’s arrest in 2009, his lawyers initially used a copy of his medical records in his defense, proving that he was medically ‘insane’ and therefore unfit to stand trial.

However, a medical translation group reported that a copy of his psychiatric reports revealed contradictory information, and Teitel was thus considered fit to be tried for his crimes.

Teitel’s record reveals that he shot a Palestinian taxi driver called Samir Akram, at point blank range killing him instantly. It also states that in the same year, Teitel shot and killed a Palestinian shepherd.

His attempted murders involved Jewish teenager Ami Ortiz, who sustained serious injury after a bomb, which was disguised as a present, exploded in his chest.

Four years ago, Teitel also tried to murder an Israeli historian, Zeev Sternhell, with a bomb, which he hid in a plant in Sternhell’s house.

Charges of incitement of violence were produced in reaction to Teitel’s pledge to offer money to anyone who would kill homosexual Israelis.

Source: BBC