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Trickery and Treachery Leads Actors to Fear for Safety

Several misled cast members from ‘Innocence of Muslims’, the anti-Islam film that has caused death and disruption across the globe, have spoken of their anguish.

Many of the actors and actresses have come forward to speak of their roles in the film, all alleging that they had absolutely no idea of the intentions of the film-maker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Although arrested earlier this week, Nakoula has now gone into hiding and everyone else associated with the film are, for the most part, trying to retain their anonymity.

One actress from the film, who played a character named Hilary, has refused to reveal her identity but announced she feels awful about participating in the project. She believed she was playing a role in a historical drama and now greatly fears for her own safety after death threats have been issued to many. The actress claims she was paid just $671.66 to play Hilary alongside the main character ‘George’, a remorseless killer. The actor playing George was actually unwittingly playing the prophet Muhammad.

Over 75 cast members have come forward so far to release statements explaining their lack of knowledge in relation to the end product of the film project. It has been proven with an original copy of the script that nothing in relation to Islam was ever mentioned.  The insulting dialogue was later dubbed over the original with an Arabic translation.

Protests still continue in parts of the Middle East today with the leader of a Shia Muslim militant group in Lebanon, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, urging Muslims to unleash a new wave of violent protests. He praised the efforts of everyone who had participated in protests so far and called for everyone involved in the film to be “punished and prosectured”.

Source: nypost.com