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Anti Islam Film Causes Anger in Middle East

A film depicting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad as a womanising murderer has caused chaos throughout the Middle East. The film began causing trouble on Tuesday and has since provoked anger amongst Islamic communities. US and UK embassies in Tunisia and Sudan have been stormed with fires being set and violence erupting.

The health ministry in Egypt has reported 224 people as having been injured in protests, also in Yemen protesters burnt the American flag at the US embassy before security forces got them under control. Further violence in Libya has led to the death of the US ambassador during a demonstration in Benghazi. Tear gas and barbed wire blockades are just some of the measures being used to control demonstrators responsible for the disruption.

As the week progressed the anger only seemed to grow as more and more violent demonstrations and attacks took place. In Afghanistan, Camp Bastion was under threat by insurgents, also in reaction to the film; two US marines and several of the insurgents were killed as troops fought to restore order at the base.

In Islam, a culture where religion and politics are very much intertwined, offending the Prophet Muhammad in any way is punishable by death. Extremists have an absolute zero tolerance policy when it comes to the Prophet and, although several arrests have been made, no end to the violence seems to be in sight.

Western authorities and government officials have voiced their discontent over the incidents with American President, Barack Obama, promising to review security policies at diplomatic facilities around the globe. Leaders in the Middle East are also calling for an end to the violence with the Egyptian President, Mohammed Mursi, pleading with his people to “reject any kind of assault or insult” against the Prophet Muhammad.

The film, which is called ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ was filmed in the US and was first uploaded onto the internet much earlier this year. The precise origin or the reason it was created are still, for the most part, a complete mystery. However it does seem evident that most of the derogatory comments regarding the Prophet were later dubbed onto the film in an Arabic translation. A selection of the actors involved in the film have been tracked down although they all claim they had no idea that the film would be used in such a way, many of them have tried to remove themselves from it as much as possible.

Source: BBC News